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110-Key Slim USB Keyboard with 2 USB Ports for PC (X9WWKEYHUB)

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The X9 Performance X9WWKEYHUB is a stylish USB wired keyboard with 2 USB ports, especially designed for PC. It has 110 full size, thin and quiet Scissor-Key-Switch™ keycaps for a sensitive and responsive touch. It also has 17 convenient preset shortcut keys for one-touch control of PC applications and a 17-key numeric keypad to quickly and efficiently enter long sequences of numbers.

The two USB 2.0 ports on the back of the keyboard allow you to use it as a hub and connect other USB devices, such as your mouse, flash drive andl USB device.

The stylish and slim X9 Performance X9WWKEYHUB is a perfect match for your Windows computer as it will greatly help you to increase your productivity!

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